At Level Field Sports, we partner with sports organizations, sport programs, athletes, and coaches to provide the following services:


We Offer a Full Range of Research & Consulting Services!

Whether you are seeking to transform your sport organization or start your own, our suite of consulting and research services will help to create a more equitable, diverse, and accessible sport experience for all current and potential stakeholders.

Regardless of the size of your organization or breadth of your sport program, our services are built on a tailor-made method to meet your needs and propose actionable, data-driven solutions. We view our partnerships as long-term, and we will walk with our clients throughout every step of the process. Regardless of service, we will spend time with each client to understand their organization or program, learn their DEI objectives and needs, and craft a clear plan from brainstorming to implementation to ensure continuity.

  • Talent Acquisition and Leadership Searches

    We are building a team of consultants and research managers with advanced degrees and sports expertise to handle your search for the next coach/director to lead your sport organization or program. We also assist sport organizations and programs with external equity reviews of your hiring procedures. Our goal is to ensure that athletic directors and program directors can access the most qualified and diverse candidate pool possible to make an informed and inclusive hiring decision that will ultimately lead an athletic program to on and off-field success.

  • Organizational Culture and Strategic Planning

    At Level Field Sports we use qualitative and quantitative research tools to conduct internal equity audits that allow for us to get underneath organizational and program culture and practices. This service includes: measuring participant engagement and self-efficacy with the sport program or organization from diverse parent, player and coaching perspectives; assessing organizational and program culture around DEI issues; examining messaging and communication for cultural relevance that ultimately affects athlete recruitment, relationship building, and their commitment to the sport program; conducting an analysis of hiring trends across identified time periods; salary audits and comparisons, and revenue distribution; identifying and building strategic partnerships. Our work does not stop there. We use the data from these equity audits to develop equity reports, SWOT analyses, and short-term and long-term strategic plans that will help clients prioritize and implement sustainable approaches to inclusivity, diversity, and access. We use interactive platforms and up-to-date data visualization tools to create dashboards for clients that serve as communication tools for public and private stakeholders.

  • Demographic, Market, and Industry Research

    Research informs everything we do, but our research specific services are designed to construct data-driven stories for our clients to better understand their impact, develop a more equitable and accessible service, and inform their future decision-making for purpose-driven solutions. Whether we are using survey and analytical methods that deal with “big data” or tapping into the human experience through innovative qualitative methods, we believe that research must be authentic and meaningful as it relates to diversity, equity, accessibility, and community impact.

  • Career and Professional Development

    We want to create a pipeline of athletic coaches and organizational leaders who work at the grassroots and intercollegiate levels. We assist those in leadership positions as well as athletic coaches, especially those in sports with high barriers of entry, with identifying and obtaining licenses, internship experiences, awards, and interviewing strategies that will help them to grow into successful coaches or sports program managers.

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