At Level Field Sports, LLC, we:

  • Change the lives of athletes and coaches from the first kick to the last pick.
  • Build pipelines for Black and Brown coaches in sports with high barriers of entry.
  • Transform sports organizations and programs to be more inclusive and eliminate barriers based on race, class, and gender.
  • Conduct research that illustrates how inequities starting with the wealth gap exist across the sports landscape.
  • Provide services ranging from film analysis, strategic planning, coaching searches, professional development, and organizational culture to support athletes and coaches of color.
  • Optimize the 3-P’s: performance, processes, and participation by identifying assets and improving collaboration with community stakeholders.

Our Core Values


Our team and services are grounded in transforming processes, systems, and structures to realize a more equitable and level playing field. Whether we are partnering to create a landscape-shifting research report or provide a suite of innovative services, our goal is to create opportunities and build diverse, equitable pipelines into various sports.

Social Impact

Our team and business structure are geared towards creating social impact in the arenas relevant to our clients. We help our programs and organizations to be forward-thinking yet responsible and authentic in their approaches to achieving optimal social impact.

Intellectual Curiosity

We strive to ask important questions, engage in rigorous research, and propose evidence-based solutions to issues of equity and access in sports. We constantly seek areas of professional and intellectual growth that will best help us realize both transformation and social impact.

These core values translate into our mission statement which is built on the TEAM-O2 model.

We believe that Talent, Equity, Access should Meet Opportunity to create Optimal impact for all stakeholders. We believe that diversity is an inherent part of the nation’s fabric but recognizing and embracing diversity comes with a commitment to transformation, equity, and access.