A more inclusive, accessible, athletic future for your community.

We are dedicated to meaningful transformation and change for sporting organizations and programs that aspire to a forward-thinking, 21st Century vision of sports.

About Us

Level Field Sports is an equity research and consulting firm that aims to eliminate barriers of entry into various sports by supporting organizations ranging from grassroots programs to intercollegiate and professional athletics in achieving equitable outcomes while maximizing their competitive and developmental potential.

Who we serve:

  • Grassroots Youth Organizations & Sports Programs
  • Local School Districts
  • City or County-Sponsored Sports Programs
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Programs
  • Professional Sports Organizations & Leagues

Our Services

Using data-informed decision making, we assist athletes, coaches, sports programs, and organizations in ensuring that all stakeholders regardless of race, gender, class, culture, or background truly have an opportunity to engage in sporting activity ranging from play to coaching.

Talent Acquisition and Leadership Searches

We are building a team of consultants and research managers with advanced degrees and sports expertise to handle your search for the next coach/director to lead your sport organization or program.

Organizational Culture and Strategic Planning

At Level Field Sports we use qualitative and quantitative research tools to conduct internal equity audits that allow for us to get underneath organizational and program culture and practices.

Demographic, Market, and Industry Research

Research informs everything we do, but our research specific services are designed to construct data-driven stories for our clients to better understand their impact, develop a more equitable and accessible service, and inform their future decision-making for purpose-driven solutions.

Career and Professional Development

We want to create a pipeline of athletic coaches and organizational leaders who work at the grassroots and intercollegiate levels.

Why Choose Us

Trust & Confidentiality

We believe in building trust with our partners, sports clubs, coaches, and athletes with a commitment to confidentiality and quality. Clients can be assured that all information will be privately maintained and delivered, which is our contractual obligation to serving you.

Consultation & timeliness

We will meet with you and your team to determine your needs, create a plan and timeline for addressing those needs, and execute that plan with a contractual promise to deliver our services with excellence and timeliness.

Impact & Change

We want our work to ultimately lead to impact and change. We commit to helping identify immediate and long-term areas for organizational and community transformation.

Are you ready to transform your organization?

Changing the lives of athletes and coaches from the first kick to the last pick. 

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